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Have you recently had a great meal out? If so, please let others know about it by completing this form.

 about the premises
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*street address:
postcode (if known):
If you know the full postcode that is great otherwise the leading sequence is OK, e.g. EH8
phone number for bookings (if known):
Please include the area code. You can include spaces between numbers.
type of establishment: select the option that best suits the type of establishment.
if takeaway, do they make home deliveries?  Do they make local home deliveries within a radius of, typically, 2-3 miles?
type of food served: select the major food type served.
if restaurant, is it BYOB?
can you bring your own wine or other drinks?
does establishment offer a student discount?
Or any other discount for that matter
is there adequate wheelchair access?  In your opinion could a wheelchair user satisfactorily use the premises?
about your meal
*date you ate there:
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number in group:
total spent (per head) excluding drinks: please select
courses eaten: which courses did you eat? please select
quality of food: your overall opinion. please select
quality of service: your overall opinion. please select
value for money: your overall opinion. please select
ambience of restaurant: your overall opinion. please select
general comments
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